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US Army M.A.T. Team Logo

Client: US Army M.A.T. Teams
Year: 2012

Through the years, the military has always made the maintenance of its weapon systems a priority. Millions of dollars have been invested in these systems and it only makes sense to maintain them and keep them operating at peak performance.

Recently, the military, and more specifically the special forces, have realized their highly trained soldiers may be the most valuable weapon system in the arsenal. In an effort to take better care of these valuable assets, the military is building teams of athletics trainers, exercise physiologists, and physical therapists to maintain healthy, mission-ready special forces soldiers.

The Cheetah Group was asked by the US Army's Musculoskeletal Action Team (M.A.T.), based at Fort Benning (GA), to design a brand logo reflecting the purpose of the M.A.T. Teams through a traditional military emblem.

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